STEREOLAB announces first North American appearance in over a decade. 

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Tune your receivers to oscillations from the anti-sun. Transient random-noise bursts have foretold the coming of the 8th installment of Desert Daze, returning to Moreno Beach, October 10th-13th 2019.

This year’s First Artist Transmission is avant-pop specialists STEREOLAB, who have announced their first North American appearance in over a decade.

To celebrate our first announce, we’re throwing a party. Join us on February 19th at Checker Hall (at Lodge Room) in Los Angeles for a celebratory career-spanning retrospective of Stereolab and yet-to-be-announced Desert Daze lineup additions.

Limited Early Bird passes are available now.  Keep antennae in the air and ears to the ground for a time-released cavalcade of artist announcements between now and the main event.

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