Campgrounds are conveniently located near the camper parking lot, with access to showers and restrooms. These sites are first come first served, and will be filled in order of arrival; early arrival is recommended. The camping village with food, bars, and coffee, and the Mystic Bazaar will be open starting on Thursday.

  • Everyone who is camping must have a Weekend Festival Pass AND a 4 Night Camping Pass. Camping Passes and Festival Passes are sold separately.
  • 4 Night Camping:

    Thursday Check-IN… 12pm-8pm
    Friday Check-IN… 9am-midnight
    Saturday Check-IN… 9am-7pm
    Sunday Check-IN… 9am-2pm
    Monday Check-OUT… by 10am



There are a limited amount of campsites with room for one car in addition to several tents. Showers & restrooms are located nearby, and some sites have picnic tables. These sites are first come first served and will be loaded in order of arrival. Car Camping is only available for 4 day campers.

  • Everyone camping in a car campsite must have a Weekend Festival pass AND a 4 Night Camping Pass.
  • Every vehicle that enters the campgrounds must have a Car Camping Add-On. Only one Car Camping Add-On is required per vehicle.
  • All other vehicles without a Car Camping Add-On will need to park in the adjacent lot for campers.



RV camping is conveniently located between camping parking and tent/car camping, and there are showers and restroom facilities nearby. No hookups. Space is very limited. We recommend moving quickly if you wish to bring your recreational vehicle.

  • Everyone camping in an RV must have a 4 Night Camping Pass and a Weekend Festival Pass. Anyone with a Single Day Festival Pass will not be permitted into RV camping.
  • Every RV that enters the campgrounds must have an RV Camping Add-On. Only one RV Camping Add-On is required per vehicle.
  • No RVs will be allowed to park in the adjacent lot for campers.
  • All RV Add-Ons are for all 4 nights.
  • No dumping gray water.



  • Massage: There is a massage building located in the campgrounds that will be open all weekend.
  • Showers: There are two shower locations on site – in the massage building as well as in the camping parking lot.
  • Yoga: Each morning in the campgrounds different instructors will lead yoga for those who need a good stretch after a long day and night of festivaling.
  • Crystal bowl sound baths: Crystal bowl sound baths will be scheduled throughout the weekend inside Sanctuary Hall. In between bands you can recalibrate your cellular makeup by being blasted with sonic vibrations.

Please read full list of camping rules below and other FAQs before making your purchase.


-All camping attendees MUST be 18 years of age or older & have a valid I.D. or be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Sorry, NO exceptions.

-Each camping attendee must have their OWN Weekend Festival Pass. Please note that 4 Night Camping Passes DO NOT come with a Festival Pass; Festival Passes must be purchased separately.

-Campgrounds are open Thursday at 12pm and close on Monday at 10am. Campers are expected to behave in a manner that is courteous to other campers. Noise curfew is at 2am.

-NO CAMPING VEHICLE EXIT or ENTRY FROM 8pm THURS – 9am FRI, 12am SAT – 9am SAT, 7pm SAT – 9am SUN, 2pm SUN – 6am MON. Once your vehicle is in the campgrounds, it is there for the whole weekend; this is due to camper/pedestrian safety concerns. Lockdown hours are subject to change based on safety concerns and traffic conditions.

-Please be advised all car/tent only camping lots will be on lock down between the hours of 10pm and 6am nightly.

-All camping attendees are subject to search upon entry. Surrendered items are considered forfeited upon entry. There is NO return of any item.

-NO GLASS containers, weapons, knives (including steak/cooking knives), drug paraphernalia, or drugs allowed.

-No animals are allowed in the campgrounds.

-No open flames, tiki torches / fireworks / any types of explosives / ammunition.

-No tanks of compressed air, helium, nitrous (propane canisters OK under a gallon)

-No liquid fuels

-No BBQ’s

-No party balloons

-No slip n slides


-No drones/remote control aircraft, toys & cars, or hoverboards.

-No ATVs or dirt bikes

-No personal generators

-No large sound systems in the campgrounds

-Early arrival and carpooling are highly recommended.

-All general car & tent campers can visit each other’s camp sites.

-There will be on-site security at all times. First aid stations will be open 24/7.

-Venue/promoter are not responsible for any materials misplaced, lost or stolen. It is recommended you don’t bring valuable items or if you do, please lock them in your car for safety.

-You may bring your own food & beverages into onsite camping, but you may not enter the festival with them. If you bring a full bar, you will have items confiscated upon arrival.


-No dumping

-No fires

-Make sure to have all safety systems in your RV checked and in working order prior to your arrival.

Questions? E-mail