The 5th annual Desert Daze has metamorphosed and emerged from its chrysalis reborn, harkening back to what music festivals once were, while illuminating the future of what music festivals can be.

Tickets, Camping and Parking Passes are on sale now.  Camping Rentals will be available Friday, July 1 @ 10am PST.

For the love of music, culture and celebration, Desert Daze is creating an event that celebrates the music you love: not a “music festival”, but a “festival of music.” Relocating to the evocative and otherworldly Institute of Mentalphysics in Joshua Tree, California, Desert Daze will be three outdoor stages of incredible live music, an indoor space for alternative programming (speakers, workshops, Q&A’s. audio/visual performances and more), interactive art installations, projections, vendors, bars, food trucks and an indoor diner.

At this intentionally limited capacity event, attendees can stay in deluxe on-site cottages designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and son Lloyd Wright, sleeping 2 to 8, available to rent for the weekend, in addition to RV, car, and tent camping across the joshua-tree studded landscape.

“Desert Daze is a real anomaly as far as festivals go. It fosters the genuine connection between bands and their audience. I’m legitimately excited every year to see whom they’ve conjured to play and I’ve enjoyed it equally as an artist and as a punter. A real treat!” – Stella Mozgawa of Warpaint

“It’s very hard to find a festival where commerce takes a back seat to art, as it should, but Desert Daze is a breath of fresh air. A rare autonomous zone, unlike any contemporary festival setting I’ve been in.” – Ben Chisholm (Chelsea Wolfe).

“Desert Daze is a throwback to the days before music festivals became mainstream” – Eve Barlow, The Guardian

We’ve made some big changes and improvements for 2016:

What’s better than no dust? Showers to rinse no dust off your festival weary bodies. Whether camping or staying in one of the deluxe cottages designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and son, Lloyd Wright, Desert Daze 2016 is going to have a lot to see and we want you to be able to take in as much as your eye and ear holes possibly can, recharged, refreshed and ready for action. Speaking of, there will also be sound baths to recalibrate your cells, yoga and massage to keep you from being uptight, and meditation incase you need to journey inward.

“What’s the parking situation like for campers?

There will be a separate lot for tent campers located next to the campgrounds.  There are also plenty of car camping sites with room for one vehicle and several tents located in the campgrounds. We have done everything we can to reduce schlepping times and distances so you can use that leg energy for dancing, foot tapping or that move where you lunge and wiggle your fingers in the air when the bands get really heavy.

“What makes this place so great?”

We’re so glad you asked! First and foremost, it looks incredible. Designed by the aforementioned Frank Lloyd Wright and his son, Lloyd Wright, and established in 1941 by spiritual teacher Edwin Dingle (no, really), The Institute of Mentalphysics is an architectural landmark, harmoniously designed with the already astounding beauty of the Joshua Tree desert. There will be an indoor diner, a vendor village, a farmers market, a book store, art installations, workshops, Q&As and other alternative programming. The institute also has lots of nooks, crannies, little hideaways (just don’t leave your keys behind), ponds, labyrinths, vortices, shade and other wonders to explore. There will be massage, yoga, and sound baths to keep you fully charged.

“Alright, but how are the bands going to sound?”

This year band best practice and put on their makeup and fancy pants, because the sound and lighting will be world class. Everyone deserves better, so we’re taking production to the next level, while making sure to maintain the unique intimate vibe that previous festival goers came to love and remember. Desert Daze is an intentionally low capacity event (compared to other mega-festivals) so we can make sure everyone has a good and comfortable time.

MOON BLOCK is an artist driven production company based in Los Angeles who curate and organize several music + art festivals a year including DESERT DAZE, BEYOND THE WITCHING HOUR, & MOON BLOCK PARTY. The growing collective of musicians and artists from Los Angeles and BEYOND includes members of JJUUJJUU, Deap Vally, Fever the Ghost, + more.
Moon Block is a community effort to facilitate the ever expanding growth of the human spirit.

FESTIVAL CONTACT: questions@moonblockparty.org
PRESS CONTACT: nick@liberalarts.co


We’re very excited about teaming up with Spaceland Presents to produce Desert Daze 2016. Spaceland is one of the premier independent club promotion and event companies whose résumé includes early shows by the White Stripes and others. Spaceland Presents has long been known as an innovative concert promoter blending unique cultural institutions with live musical performances for audiences to enjoy. Since 2007, Spaceland has been booking “First Fridays” at The Natural History Museum and “Saturdays off the 405” at The Getty. Spaceland also produces Santa Monica’s Twilight Concert Series. Spaceland Presents is the sister company to Los Angeles music venues The Echo and Echoplex and most recently The Regent Theater in Downtown Los Angeles. All of our bands have been playing their clubs for years and we couldn’t be happier to join forces with these local legends and heroes.


We are also very excited to team up with Knitting Factory Presents. A nationwide institution who’s venues have hosted many of our bands over the years. Since its origins in 1987 Knitting Factory Entertainment has evolved into a 360 degree entertainment and hospitality company whose holdings include three branded music clubs, four restaurants, an artist management company, and a record label. Partial ownership includes: The iconic Regent Theater Los Angeles, a large capacity Music, Food and Bar staple and Arrive Hotel, a 39 room gem in the heart of the growing hot bed of entertainment, Palm Springs. KFE designed, built, staffed and continues to run three Federal bar and restaurant entertainment complexes over the past five years to continued success.

Knitting Factory Records, along with its partners Partisan Records, manages recorded music catalogues from current and legacy artists; releases content in all formats as well as music-branded DVDs. Knitting Factory Management and strategic partner Van Johnson Company, handle the careers of emerging and critically acclaimed recording and theatrical artists both in the U.S. and overseas. KFE has multiple alignments and ownership stake in media enterprises to help launch your next great event or brand experience including: Giant Step Marketing and Media, an award winning experiential organization. The Connect Group, an agency focused on food, sports and entertainment; Liberal Arts House PR, a next generation PR company deep in breaking artists and brands and our web property; The Talkhouse, connecting the conversation between artists.

The Knitting Factory team handles over 600 personnel and 5000 events per year.



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