Mystic Bazaar

The Mystic Bazaar is an enclave of mystics, wanderers, teachers and bright souls that gather deep in the heart of the campgrounds at Desert Daze.

We aim to provide an immersive program of soundbaths, yoga, shamanic ceremony, classes led by our Mystics, guided plant walks and the ability to drop into the powerful and magical surroundings of Moreno Beach.

We call upon the powers of the land to help us provide a holistic and healing space, an alternative experience within and concurrent to the musical programming. A place to lay, listen and share experiences to a soundtrack of sometimes ancient sounds, crystal bowls, gongs and voice.

The Mystic Bazaar is a decadent and voluptuous space that is inspired by the wondering nomads of deserts across the worlds. Deep dark billowing  fabrics, Persian rugs, warm soft golden lights. A portal that connects you to the vortex and ancient lay lines that run through the land.

We will pick you up and transport you to another dimension, allow you to traverse the astral plane, rest, recover, rejuvenate and grow.

Access to The Mystic Bazaar is permitted with a camping pass.


More information on Thursday night campgrounds programming coming soon.