The Mystic Bazaar

The Mystic Bazaar is an enclave of mystics, wanderers, teachers and bright souls that gather deep in the heart of the campgrounds at Desert Daze and will pick you up and transport you to another dimension, allow you to traverse the astral plane, rest, recover, rejuvenate and grow.


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Yoga + Meditation

Somatic Meditation: The Body, A Gateway to Enlightenment w/ Omeed Taibei

 2,500 years ago, the Buddha discovered that the key to accessing the subconscious was through sensations experienced on the body. This realization was the key to his liberation and enlightenment. In this workshop, we discuss and learn about some of these practices.

Breathwork w/ Jeffrey Presner

Breathwork is a simple breathing technique that assists in processing trauma, developing healthier thought patterns, and creating a new perspective on old behavior. This two-stage rhythm helps calm the brain, allows individuals to experience a more tangible connection to their bodies, brings awareness of buried emotions and deep-seated trauma while identifying the necessary steps toward healing those wounds.

Morning Breathwork Meditation w/ Luke Simon

Clear and Awaken your physical and energy body with Breathwork. This active breath pattern oxygenates your blood taking you back to the calm and openness within. These sessions can be cathartic, mystical and always rejuvenating. Luke will guide your journey with affirmations, aromatherapy and healing touch.

Buti Yoga w/ Jeny Rae

Buti Yoga is a music-driven and dynamic asana practice that fuses  primal movement, tribal dance and ancient yoga techniques to awaken the Shakti energy and free the mind. Flow to the drum beats and sweat with intention!

Vinyasa PranaYama Yoga w/ Chente Chi

Pranayama, or the art of breath control, is an essential skill in yoga. You will be guided through different breathing practices accompanied with Vinyasa flow yoga that will uplift the mind, body and spirit.

Yoga Nidra w/ Love Chutney

Relax and find a still space in savasana and or a meditative pose with a morning raga on sitar accompanied by hung, tanpuri, singing bowls, Persian drums and shruti box. Yoga Nidra is a powerful meditation tool that uses music to create a bridge for the mind to focus on. This practice creates stillness within the mind through the practice of active listening.

All-Levels Desert Flow w/ Kalli

A vinyasa based flow class linking breath and movement while building heat and calming the nervous system. Physically invigorating with restorative elements, this class allows energy to move freely in the body and detoxifies the system. Open to beginners and long-time yogis. 

Yoga Trance Dance w/ Ariana Bates

Get ready to move the way love moves! Yoga Trance Dance®, created by Shiva Rea, is a contemporary exploration of the spirit of dance within yoga. Beginning with prana vinyasa yoga, yoga trance dance flows into an exploration of free-form, breath driven movement to liberate one’s creative life force and cultivate embodied freedom.

Sound Bath + Ceremony

Cacao & Kirtan w/ Mae Aguirre & Love Chutney

Join us in sacred ceremony with two of the most profound Heart Medicines, Cacao & Kirtan. The intention of this ceremony is to reconnect to our hearts, while tuning in to ancestral, healing vibrations of love & light through the power of Bhakti (Devotion) + the chanting of Mantra (ancient healing frequencies of re-connection to the Divine.)

Cacao, Breath & Sacred Sound Journey w/ Robert Leal & Kintamani Moon

This ceremony offers a tremendous opportunity for empowerment and healing with Sacred Cacao medicine, live healing music, conscious movement and the profound practice of breathwork meditation. This combination of powerful tools allows for potent electromagnetic frequencies of the heart to come into coherence with the mind, body and soul. This journey will allow you to fully arrive into your being. All are welcome!

Sound Bath w/ Modular Sound Bath feat. Meditation with the Aquarian Family

Modular Sound Bath create a sound journey that moves waves of sound that will envelop you like water in a bath to assist in shaking out tensions and feelings of stagnancy. This sound bath is meant to heal, shake things up in the body, heart, and mind to push negative energy out and make space for energetic flow and physical and mental suppleness.

Workshops + Plant Walks

Bahula Blocks w/ Nick Bahula 

Come learn the art of image transfers using preprinted images and wood blocks to make your own take home souvenir. Using Desert Daze images come make your own piece of art and another piece to give away! Help create a unique experience for other fans by hiding “Free Art” around the venue or just handing it off to someone rad!

Psychic Plant Spirit Communication w/ Edgar Fabian Frias

Together, we will learn the basics of plant spirit communication and communally interact with live plant specimens growing in the surrounding campgrounds. We will use somatic, creative, and relational methods to commune with local plants and share our messages together as a group. 

 Healing Past Lives w/ Cecilia Navarrete

This workshops is a sacred gathering for those seeking deep clarity, understanding and experience past lives through the hypnotic lens. Past life regression is a powerful process that allows people to heal emotional and physical issues. Through the use of hypnosis, Cecilia will assist you visit past, parallel and future lives. By seeing the big picture of your soul’s journey and learning your lessons you become profoundly empowered to transform your life.

Custom Spell Design : Words of Power w/ Sophia Knapp

Learn a universally adaptable spell writing format you can build on to create your own magical incantation. Spells serve to clarify and elevate your intention: to assist in releasing anything that no longer serves you, as well as call in the experiences, resources, and people in alignment with your path. We’ll discuss the difference between working for essence and working for form, and go over guidelines for keeping your sacred work ethical and empowering. This class is suitable for absolute beginners and seasoned witches and wizards alike! 

Shamanic Power Animal Journey

Since ancient times, tribal cultures from different parts of the world believed animals to be powerful guides and allies. Finding their power animal and calling in for their guidance and support was part of their spiritual tradition. In this workshop you will be guided into a shamanic journey through sound and conscious movement to meet, re-connect and embody the wisdom of your animal ally. 

Discover your Human Design w/ Mara Mehdy

Human Design is a science that brings together Astrology, the Kabbalah, and I-Ching together in a 9-Chakra body graph. The result is a system that’s here to realign you with the person you are meant to be. It is a uniquely personal blueprint for your soul based on your birth date, time and place. Come learn about the five Human Design energy types, each of their life strategies, along with the individual process of living your own Design in everyday life! 

Intuitive Herbal Essences w/ Gabriela Rueda

Many realize that before diseases manifest in the physical form they often begin as spiritual and energetic imbalances, blockages, or scars. Like humans, plants work deeper than just on a physical level. Plants hold a vibrational healing power unique to each specific plant which can be used to address our energetic and spiritual needs. In this class we will discuss, experiment, and prepare herbal essences intuitively in order to relate more deeply to the natural world and in doing so find greater emotional, spiritual, and physical health.

Exploring the Energy of Reiki w/ Camille

In this workshop, Camille will share tools to help you tap into and understand your own energy pathways while learning how to access Life Force Energy whenever needed to achieve a state of balance and harmony on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. We will start with a guided mediation with live healing sounds, explore techniques for tapping into Reiki energy (even if you’re not attuned), and end with partner and group healing.

The Spiritual Technology of Master Plants w/ Santiparro 

This talk will introduce participants to the spiritual technology of the dieta path in the tradition of the Shipibo-Conibo of the Ucayali region in the Peruvian Amazon and investigate how these practices can translate through modern adaptations for westerners by trained and initiated guides. Additionally, how Ayahuasca itself might aide and accompany various spiritual disciplines will be covered along with an exploration of its possible role in ongoing human evolution and reconnection with nature.

The Art of Intuitive Tarot w/ Christine Aprile

Jump right into the art of Intuitive Tarot in this immersive workshop which focuses on how the Tarot speaks to our deeper, subconscious knowing. We’ll be diving head first into interpreting the cards through visual cues and group exercises. No previous tarot experience required, just bring an open mind and heart, ready to share in spontaneous magic!

Plant Walk w/ Rachel Burgos 

Join Rachel Burgos of Snakeroot Apothecary on an plant walk through the festival grounds. We will discuss native and non native flora and their medicinal uses. Rachel’s clinical practice uses plants for not only physical uses but emotional and spiritual use as well. Come learn about the ways we can connect with and utilize the plants around us and how they help us heal!

Earth Consciousness: Mushroom Medicine w/ Dolly Casper and Christopher Hodge

What is the medicine of connection? Of remembrance? As mushrooms re-emerge in the psyche of mainstream culture, recognized as super foods and super healers, what message is the mushroom seeking to share with those open to receive? In what ways is the mushroom healing the earth along with our society? This workshop covers identification of California common medicinal mushrooms, their healing properties and best forms of preparation. Mushrooms will also be discussed in their role as teachers and planetary healers by investigating mycelial networks, basic fungi ecology, and the larger metaphor of healing by connection. 

Ancient & Indigenous Sustainability Practices w/ Hollee 

Come hear about diverse farming and gardening practices that stem from early civilizations and span the whole reach of Earth history. We’ll also share tips and ideas for success in creating a sustainable future garden as well as easy and fast ways to propagate succulents, the perfect solution for water conservation!

Activating Divine Love w/ Reina Prado

This workshop leads participants on how to activate and connect to Divine Love. Divine Love means working in alignment with your heart and spirit to deepen love of self and in your relationships. Perfect for anyone seeking their divine match or wanting to experience a deeper connection in their current relationship. Through a series of prompts, participants will identify any limiting beliefs or stories around why love seems to elude them. Workshop includes guided meditation, reflection prompts and collective love “limpia” with sound bath. Please note that essential oils and crystals will be used throughout the session. Bring comfortable clothing, yoga mat, and a journal to write your insight and inspiration.

Movement for Manifestation w/ Gabriel Beltran

Our ability to manifest and create the world we desire is inseparable from our ability to move life-force energy through our own bodies, our belief systems and our connection to the Creator and source of abundance.  Movement for Manifestation combines principals of Law of Attraction, conscious and subconscious programming as they pertain to Prosperity Laws and explores the deep wisdom of our body also known as the ‘house of emotions’.  This workshop will also provide insight and practical applications of the Prosperity Laws and the Law of Attraction, which will include knowledge on how to create cohesion between the conscious (masculine) and subconscious (feminine) parts of the mind.

Finding your Song w/ Doe Paoro and Atom Rose

An introductory songwriting workshop that will share fundamental tools and practices to begin generating your own lyrics, as well as some fun experiential exercises to get into generating ideas from the subconscious and find your heart’s song! This class is taught by Doe Paoro – self-taught pianist, singer-songwriter who often opens her live performances with an a cappella Tibetan prayer, and credits Vipassanā meditation with having a strong influence over the themes explored in her work – and  Atom Rose, a channel and teller of song and story, guitarist, singer-songwriter, percussionist, producer, performer, and teacher of music.

Astrology 101 w/ Ellen Nguyen

Decoding your natal chart can unlock clues and answers to the deeper questions we seek. Ellen of UnitedOther will share the foundations of Natal Astrology: meanings of the 12 major planets, the 12 Zodiac signs, and the 12 houses. We will do exercises with your unique natal chart so you can become familiar with reading and understanding your cosmic DNA.

Access to The Mystic Bazaar is permitted with a camping pass.