Did you know that roughly 90% of female concert and festival goers have experienced some form of sexual harassment? In order to help keep our fans safe, Desert Daze has partnered with OurMusicMyBody, a Chicago-based non-profit campaign aimed at raising awareness of harassment and promoting consent. OurMusicMyBody will have an area set up on the festival grounds where they will be passing out resources and engaging in fun conversations about consent. In addition, OMMB is setting up a ‘chill space’ for fans who need to take a moment to step away from the festivities and chill out. Finally, volunteers with OMMB are also certified sexual assault survivor advocates and will be on call each night in order to provide direct, immediate, support in the event that anyone at Desert Daze experiences harm while camping. We are thrilled that they are working with us! Stop by their tent to make a one-of-a-kind button to spread the word that everyone deserves to see their favorite band without being harmed.

HeadCount harnesses the power of music to drive social change. Since 2004 we have registered nearly 500,000 Americans to vote, organized action villages at dozens of major live music events, and spearheaded massive social media campaigns promoting civic participation. We amplify the voices of musicians and their fans, while channeling our collective energy into measurable action. With 20,000 volunteers, street teams in more than 50 cities, and affiliations with over 200 touring musicians, HeadCount ranks as one of the largest music-oriented non-profit organizations in the U.S.