Everyone is cooler by the lake.

In addition to three days of live music, mystical knowledge and a full ocular spa experience of visual stimulus, we have included a beach area for everyone to swim, relax, socialize or just watch the lights glimmering off the water for as long as you need to. All guests will have the opportunity to enjoy the Desert Daze beach experience, between the Moon and Theater stages.

Visitors who have purchased a Moonstone, Azurite or Obsidian Pass will also have exclusive access to The Moreno Beach Club, an Italian style beach club, complete with hammocks, loungers, towel check, shade, premium bar and snacks. The Moreno Beach Club also includes WiFi hotspots and phone charging stations.

  • Swimming Hours
  • Friday: 12PM – 7PM
  • Saturday: 12PM – 7PM
  • Sunday: 12PM – 7PM

We heard you like life. US too. We think it’s the best. Lake Perris is currently undergoing a state-sponsored renewal process, on track to increase the lake volume by 40% come October. In addition to revitalizing the environment in and around the lake, the park rangers and staff have created a welcoming culture of positivity. It’s been a pleasure seeing them and working with them. We hope to do our part in making the park cleaner, better, and more sustainable for the local wild life, as well as travelers from around the world.