Los Angeles-based duo Deap Vally, Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards, have always relished the challenge of working within the limitations of being a two-piece, but after two records (Sistrionix, 2012 and Femejism, produced by Nick Zinner of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, 2016) and years of touring as a duo, they felt an urge to reinvent their writing and recording process, and sought collaborators to break the tie and allow for an organic, majority-rules creative process.

They released the Deap Lips collaboration album with Flaming Lips in 2020, and worked on songs for this year’s Digital Dream and American Cockroach EPs with jennylee (Warpaint), KT Tunstall and Peaches, Soko, Jamie Hince (The Kills), Ayse Hassan (Savages), and Jennie Vee (EODM). Finally addressing the eternal question, “Will you ever add a third member?”, they decided it would be more of a creative adventure to collaborate with a bunch of different artist friends rather than commit to one.  The result is a true creative renaissance for the duo, more liberating than they could ever have imagined.

Since their inception, Deap Vally have sold out multiple headline tours, while their raucous onstage presence has earned them opening slots with Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Blondie, Garbage and Muse and more.  Trivia time! Drummer Edwards co-founded Desert Daze in 2012 with husband Phil Pirrone.

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