Hey, so what’s the deal with traffic and parking for next year?

Desert Daze has worked with the park rangers to add additional parking lots, plus additional car and RV camping spaces. To minimize vehicle traffic, campers will be checked in at the entrance to the Campgrounds (not at the entry to the park). Additionally, all campers are welcome to arrive Thursday. More detailed information about these changes will be posted on our website, app, welcome letter, and social media platforms.

What about cell signal?

Yes. While the physical location and the topography of Lake Perris SRA makes cell service inherently poor, we will be working with service providers to boost signal in the area. Updates to this plan will be posted shortly. 

Will a regular Camping Pass get me in on Thursday?

Yes, anyone with a Camping Pass can camp on Thursday.

Will there be more food options in the campgrounds?

Yes! We are adding more choices in the Camping Village and throughout the campgrounds. More information will be posted on our website and socials soon.

What does the Early Bird Weekend Pass get me and when can I buy Camping and other Add Ons? What if I want VIP?

All good questions! The Early Bird Weekend Pass gets you into the festival @ $199 and does not include camping. Tier 1 Weekend GA Passes start at $249 and will be available as soon as Early Birds sell out. Camping and Camping Bundles will be available at that time as well. Anyone who bought an Early Bird Pass and would like to add camping should buy the Camping Pass @ $99 for the most savings. If you have any questions, email us at questions@desertdaze.org 

VIP Packages, Payment Plans, & Add Ons (including Car Camping, RV Camping, Stout Tent Rentals & RV Rentals) will be available when Early Bird Passes sell out.

If you want to upgrade to VIP, you can do that – upgrades will be available when VIP passes go on sale.

How can I apply for press credentials?

Send your credential request and your plan for coverage to shazm@grandstandhq.com

For information about Desert Daze, Lake Perris & more, visit our 2018 FAQs.

All information will be updated for 2019 shortly.

If you have any other questions, please email us at questions@desertdaze.org